Reclining Rondo


Reclining Rondo premiered at the YMCA in Nyack, New York. Prior to the Philadelphia revival, Reclining Rondo had not been performed since 1976.

Reclining Rondo in performance, Friday, October 4, 2013 at FringeArts, Philadelphia. Dancers: Megan Bridge, Janet Pilla, and Michele Tantoco.

Reclining Rondo takes place entirely on the floor. The dance is made of one phrase of 18 movements that each dancer completes 12 times in individual directions. The three dancers begin parallel to each other, and then branch out following their own maps, eventually returning to parallel action.

October 4, 2013



Megan Bridge
Janet Pilla
Michele Tantoco

Production collaborators

Lighting: Gregory Bain

October 6, 2013

The University of the Arts


Nora Gibson
Gabrielle Revlock
Annie Wilson
Megan Bridge
Janet Pilla
Michele Tantoco

Production collaborators

Lighting: Gregory Bain

“The trio Reclining Rondo was inspired by Robert Morris’ sculpture Untitled (L-Beams) (1965), in which each of the three beams are placed together in the space on a different angle. This is a perfect example of the Cage/Duchamp philosophy that content is not in and of itself as important as the mental process that the observer is put through in observing the work. In the dance, the same phrase is performed to the left or right so that the dancers’ relation to each other gradually shifts from one diagonal to another. I did not perform in this work originally, so having had the opportunity of seeing it then and now, I would say that this is a more or less genuine reconstruction. What fascinates me in reviving the work now is that it’s impossible to predict the outcome in space of each dancer’s fixed set of moves without referring to the score (an overhead view) that I made for it.”

—Lucinda Childs, 2013

Premiere: March 8, 1975

Nyack, NY

First cast

Susan Brody
Judy Padow
David Woodberry

Production collaborators

Costumes: Christina Giannini
Lighting: Beverly Emmons

Additional works on program

Duplicate Suite (1975)
Congeries on Edges For 20 Obliques (1975)
Particular Reel (1973)
Calico Mingling (1973)

Subsequent dates of program

March 14–16 and 21–23, 1975
541 Broadway, New York

January 23–24 and 30–31, 1976
Washington Square Methodist Church, New York

Performance history as of December 2014.

Reclining Rondo was filmed in 1975 by Babette Mangolte in Lucinda Childs’ loft at 541 Broadway, New York. Performers in the film are Susan Brody, Judy Padow, and David Woodberry. This film is housed at the Centre National de la Danse, Porte du Pantin, Paris.

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