Interior Drama


Interior Drama premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in November 1977. It has been performed on numerous occasions since, both in the United States and in Europe.

Interior Drama in performance, Friday, October 4, 2013, at FringeArts, Philadelphia. Dancers: Megan Bridge, Nora Gibson, Gabrielle Revlock, Michele Tantoco, and Annie Wilson.

Interior Drama is subdivided into a trio and a duet, with those groupings usually determined by the height of the dancers. The choreography consists of three 160-count phrases, designated I, IA, and II. The score for Interior Drama is read from left to right, as is a music staff, though Childs used only two lines. The top line delineates the sequence of phrases for the duet, the bottom line for the trio.

October 4, 2013



Megan Bridge
Nora Gibson
Gabrielle Revlock
Michele Tantoco
Annie Wilson

Production collaborators

Lighting: Gregory Bain

Interior Drama is not as difficult as Melody Excerpt, as the triangular spacing of three dancers against two is less complex. The stamina involved in repeating three very similar but different 160-count phrases, however, is the ultimate mental and physical challenge. When I choreographed this work in 1977, I had already been exposed to the music of Philip Glass through Einstein on the Beach, and I had choreographed a solo for the opera to his music in act one, scene one.

In viewing this work now, I see how his influence affected my way of working, in terms of our similar aesthetic orientations. What you hear in his music is the same thematic material over and over again, but never in the same way, and what you see in this dance is exactly parallel to this idea.”

—Lucinda Childs, 2013

Premiere: November 3–6, 1977

Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York

First cast

Lucinda Childs
Cynthia Hedstrom
Daniel McCusker
Judy Padow
Andé Peck

Production collaborators

Costumes: Christina Giannini
Lighting: Beverly Emmons

Additional works on program

Transverse Exchanges (1976)
Duplicate Suite (1975)
Radial Courses (1976)
Plaza (1977)
Melody Excerpt (1977)

Subsequent dates of program

November 20–21, 1977
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam

November 24, 1977
Sigma Festival des Arts et Tendances Contemporaines, Bordeaux

November 26, 1977
Maison de la Culture de Rennes, France

November 28–29, December 1-4, 1977
15th Festival International de Danse de Paris, Théâtre des Champs Elysées

March 12–15, 1981

Marymount Manhattan Theater
New York


Lucinda Childs
Jumay Chu
Meg Harper
Daniel McCusker
Andé Peck

Additional works on program

Melody Excerpt (1977)
Relative Calm (excerpts, 1981)

September 27–28, 1990

4ème Biennale de la Danse
Théâtre National Populaire
France, Villeurbanne


Janet Kaufman
Garry Reigenborn
Cathy Lipowicz
Michele Pogliani
Kelly Slough

Additional works on program

Dance (1979)

July 26, 2010

Rockefeller Park
New York

Performed as part of the event,
“We Give Ourselves Away at Every Moment: An Event for Merce”


Katie Dorn
Anne Lewis
Sharon Milanese
Caitlin Scranton
Shakira Stewart

Performance history as of December 2014.

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